Prinzpark Terengganu Hotel
Terengganu Equestrian Resort (TER),
Jalan Sultan Mahmud, Kuala Ibai,
20400 Kuala Terengganu,
Terengganu Darul Iman, Malaysia

Prinzpark Terengganu offers travelers with an ultimate socializing experience in Terengganu. Located strategically with walking distances to various commercial and shopping districts, the hotel offers not only convenience but also a whole new experience for travelers who especially would like to save more of their budget of transportation and of course, on their traveling time. Besides of situating very near to major commercial and shopping districts, Prinzpark Terengganu is also situated very near to various Terengganu tourist attractions; thus, allowing guests to be able to roam around the place freely without having to face the hassle of having to wait for transportations. The location of the hotel also gives guests a huge helping hand when guests can save more of their traveling time and budget just to search for the major tourist attractions they would like to visit.

For guests who prefer to stay in a environmentally refreshing place, Prinzpark Terengganu will definitely not disappoint them. Not only that the hotel can provide guests with convenience to access to major districts, the hotel is also located right next to a polo club in which the equestrian field will definitely help to enhance guests’ traveling mood especially when guests have a peek of the green well-turf field every morning before they depart out of the hotel. Not only that, Prinzpark Terengganu is also a recommended place for nature lovers to stay in as it is also situated very near to a jaw-dropping clean lake. Guests are free to stroll around the lake area during their free time to enjoy the temporary break away from the dazed city life. It is also a good area for guests to have a short picnic session with their friends and family as a mean to further increase their relationships with each other. Besides of the lake, Prinzpark Terengganu is also situated in a location in which the beach is just a walking distance away. This is especially good news not only for nature lovers but also to beach lovers. Thus, guests can get their swimming attires and beach wears ready to have to good time enjoying the breeze on the beach. If time is arranged properly, guests can even catch the sunrise and sunset at the beach. These little locations located around the hotel are definitely good places for guests to hang out during their free time.

One step into Prinzpark Terengganu will expose guests to a cozy and homey atmosphere; an atmosphere ideal for guests who prefer a more simple mood. This environment is ideal not only for leisure travelers but also for business travelers who have some business tasks here in Terengganu. Companies can even consider organizing certain socializing events here to build up a good impression towards their images. In terms of accommodations, Prinzpark Terengganu offers a huge range of room choices for guests to choose from. Depending on guest’s personal preferences and on the traveling group size, guests get to choose from different room sizes to different room preferences. The room choices provided by the hotel include the guest room, family room, and the deluxe room. Guests can also choose the view they want such as view of the beach, view of the city, or view of the lake. However, no matter which room guests choose, all the rooms are equipped with the same basic facilities and services to meet guest’s everyday needs. Guests would find that the rooms will never miss out important facilities such as air-conditioning, Internet access, hair dryer, slippers, telephone, bathrobe, television, coffee/tea making facilities, mini bar, fridge, and a lot more. These facilities are free for guests to utilize base on their own needs and preferences.

In order to provide guests with the best services they can, Prinzpark Terengganu also provides various optional services for guests to explore more. If guests do not fancy traveling out of the hotel just for a simple meal, guests can try dining in the in-house restaurants in which all the food served by the kitchen are up to the basic standards. If guests are looking for places to hang out or simply to have a simple bonding session with their friends and family, guests can also try out the in-house cafeteria in which coffee and tea are served alongside simple snacks. There are also various sports and recreation facilities available in Prinzpark Terengganu which guests can fully utilize. The outdoor pool is a good place for guests to enjoy some chills especially a hot day out of the city of exploration. For business uses, meeting facilities such as meeting rooms and convention rooms are available in the hotel for guests to organize certain functions such as seminars, meetings, or even corporate dinners. If guests need any help from the hotel, the hotel staffs are more than happy to help guests out with the preparations as well as the organization of the functions or events. Car parks are also available for guests who drive their way to the hotel. Thus, guests would not need to worry of their car’s safety while they are exploring the city of Terengganu.

Prinzpark Terrenganu is specially recommended for travelers who are looking forward to a peaceful and quiet vacation in Terengganu. Away from the city buzz, the hotel provides guests with the peace they need as well as the appropriate facilities and services they need to make their stay memorable and meaningful. The hotel can be used for leisure staying in which guests would prefer to spend most of their time in the hotel enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. It is also recommended for guests who want to explore major attractions such as the State Museum and the Central Market which are all located very near to the hotel.

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